TNG Xion FM1 / Flick Master / Low Kurve


TNG Xion FM1 / Flick Master / Low Kurve

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Techno Speks

Kinetic Diversion Core  

Helps diffuse vibrational and rotational energy produced when striking the ball.  The harder you hit the more dynamic the vibration control.

For  YOU   this means a softer feel without compromising on power with reduced vibration stress on your stick increasing its endurance.


Atomic Rating

Indication of the POWER and STIFFNESS of the Stick.

For  YOU  this means your stick selection is done with an educated understanding.


Cushioned Grip Extension

A longer grip for improved control and stick handling.

For  YOU  this means more power behind the ball with additional hand control and manoeuvrability


Apex Power Zone

Provides enhanced ball control whether you are passing or receiving the ball.

For  YOU  this means your first touch can improve with greater accuracy being achieved in your target passing.


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