CT90 "The Power" RED

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CT90 "The Power" RED

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CT90  "The Power"

Composition        90% Carbon 

                             5% Glass Fibre 

                             5% Aramide

Power Curve       24.85mm

Colour                 Red with black "power lines"



Power Index          9.5   

RRP £250           

Our PRICE     £195.00

Free Chamois with every Senior Stick



Never underestimate "The Power" dynamics


Our amazing latest mould with rounded lower handle area and

fine head shape, is very easy to manoeuvre and has a superior

antivibration system giving a soft and responsive feel but with

"The Power" to perform.



Performance Optimised With  Elevated Response

- convert your energy into productive and creative moves.   

- Master close ball handling skills, dribbling, 3D and aerials. 


        Power Curve 24.85mm peaking at 25cm from heel


Our PRICE     £195.00

Free Chamois with every Senior Stick

    Carbon Edge Protection  

    Carbon  Heel  Protection

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length 36.5

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1 - 1 of 3 results