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At Az-Tech Sports

our core values of Innovation, Support and a Passion for Hockey determine and define the way we act. Bringing fresh ideas and supporting our young people to become the players of the future is our main inspiration.



coaching and enthusiatically supporting club, district and national teams Az-Tech Sports staff have their finger on the pulse of todays Hockey scene.   



40 years

of hockey playing experience  has given us first hand knowledge of Club Communities and the high expectations of players who want affordable, performance based equipment. 














Player Driven and Club Focused 

Az-Tech Sports are flexible and responsive to the demands of todays hockey players....


The home of  Matador Hockey   and                     

TNG  Hockey Equipment    in the UK


This strong brand Matador Hockey is now recognised as a product of advanced composite technology and quality materials, competitive with other leading brands.


Az-Tech Sports  is the sole representative and distributor of Matador Hockey and           ......TNG  The Next Generation Hockey Equipment in the UK and can therefore offer     highly competitive products at a competitive price.


Having a successful presence in the Pakistan National Team for a number of  years,  Matador Hockey is now here in the UK offering its unique craftsmanship to all.


After a successful launch in Germany and a growing presence in the USA and Australia TNG  is the choice of the Next Generation of Hockey Players. 

We welcome this amazing Brand to the UK.


Let us inspire you to achieve more ...............


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