G Force 2 Red

G Force 2 Red

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G Force 2          Nano tech


Composition             50% Carbon  40% Glass Fibre   10% Aramide

Standard Curve       19.5mm 

Colour                       Red

                                 with  new  and enhanced red double carbon weave


Power Index             8.7


RRP  £195          

Our PRICE     £135.00

Free chamois with all senior sticks








Our innovative and detailed specification composition encased within the Gforce Range


Fundamental to the success of this product are the carbon nano tubes incorporated into the appropriate and precise lay up.

Enhancing the ultimate strength of the stick, lightness and flexibility are also achieved making the stick ULTRA suitable to its function of powerful, accurate passing.


Also the playing side of stick has a Sand Effect finish which assists trapping and

disguise pass techniques.


A very well balanced stick which is:

     Consistent and powerful

     Strong with a degree of flexibility and

     Still quite stiff with 50% carbon but with our cushioned stitched grip and

     new antivibration system the feeling is amazing!!


If you want to be consistent and more accurate with your flat passing, have  true power to strike and control your game,  Create acceleration with ease…. 

G Force is for you.



   Standard Curve 19.5mm  peaking at 30cm from heel  



Our PRICE     £135.00

Free chamois with all senior sticks



G Force   2    Nano Tech   available in  Standard Curve   19.5mm

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length 36.5

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